Mercedes Murillo Barroso

Publicado el 6/8/11

I am currently a researcher at the University of Granada (Programa Captación de Talento-UGR Fellows) and the lead researcher of the R&D project (2018-2020): ‘Metal y Ámbar: Modelos de Circulación de Materias Primas en la Prehistoria Reciente de la Península Ibérica’. Previously I have been the lead researcher on the SMITH project funded bytheEuropean Commission under the IEF Marie CurieAction at UCL Institute of Archaeology (2014-2016). 

My research has focused on how metallurgy and other exotic materials influenced processes of social stratification and elite emergence combining theoretical approaches with science-based techniques of archaeometry. In order to be able to perform my own analyses while keeping archaeological questions as the main focus of my research, I have been trained in internationally recognized departments of Anthropology in USA and New Zealand as well as in leading laboratories of Archaeometry in the UK, Germany, Italy and Spain. I am therefore able to conduct my own analyses on a critical manner. This main research interest has been developed through three related themes:

I. The origins and development of copper-based metallurgy and its impact on social structures

II. Silver metallurgy and the implications of its productions on elite emergence and consolidation

III. Amber provenance and exchange networks

I have disseminated the results of my research through diverse publications, many of them in journals listed in the first quartile of JCR, conferences, books and book chapters.

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