Care and Socialization of Children in the Bronze Age

Sánchez Romero, Margarita
2018. Crawford, Sally; Hadley, Dawn; Shepherd, Gillian (eds) The Oxford Handbook of the Archaeology of Childhood, pp. 338-351
Publicado el 10/6/18

Table of Contents

Introductions: The History and Impact of the Archaeology of Childhood
1: The Archaeology of Childhood: The Birth and Development of A Discipline,Sally Crawford, Dawn M. Hadley, and Gillian Shepherd
2: The History of the Archaeology of Childhood,Grete Lillehammer

Defining Children and Childhood
3: Techniques For Identifying the Age and Sex of Children at Death,Jo Buckberry
4: The Study of Growth in Skeletal Populations,Simon Mays
5: Cultural Models of Stages in the Life Course,M. Annette Grove And David F. Lancy
6: Infants and Mothers: Linked Lives and Embodied Life Courses,Rebecca Gowland

Children, Family, and Households
7: Prehistoric Households and Childhood: Growing Up in a Daily Routine,Brigitte Röder
8: Archaeological and Epigraphic Evidence For Infancy in the Roman World,Maureen Carroll
9: Roman Household Organization,Penelope Allison
10: Material Culture and Childhood In Harappan South Asia,Supriya Varma
11: Working-Class Childhood In Nineteenth-Century New York City,Rebecca Yamin

Learning, Socialization, and Training
12: Learning the Tools of Survival in the Thule and Dorset Cultures of Arctic Canada,Robert W. Park
13: Educating Victorian Children: A Material Culture Perspective from Cambridge,Craig Cessford
14: Above and Below the Surface: Environment, Work, Death, and Upbringing In Sixteenth to Seventeenth-Century Sweden,Anne Ingvarsson Sundström, Jan Mispelaere, and Ylva Bäckström
15: Boys at Sea: An Osteological and Historical Analysis of Ships' Boys In the Late Eighteenth to Early Nineteenth-Century British Royal Navy,Ceridwen Boston
16: Training Children for Work In the Nineteenth Century: Material Culture Approaches,Vicky Crewe

Self, Identity, and Community
17: Portrait of a Palaeolithic Family: Art, Ornamentation, and Children's Relationship with their Community,Jessica Cooney
18: Care and Socialization of Children in the Bronze Age,Margarita Sánchez Romero
19: Representations of Children in Ancient Greece,Olympia Bobou
20: Children's Graffiti in Pompeii and Herculaneum,Katherine V. Huntley
21: Vecino Archaeology and the Politics of Play in New Mexico,B. Sunday Eiselt
22: Children and Migration,Dawn M. Hadley

Health, Disease, and Environment
23: The Developing Forager: Reconstructing Childhood Activity Patterns from Long Bone Cross-Sectional Geometry,Lesley Harrington And Benjamin Osipov
24: Feeding Infants from the Iron Age to the Early Medieval Period in Britain,Rebecca C. Redfern
25: Disease and Trauma in the Children from Roman Britain,Mary E. Lewis
26: Infant Head Shaping in the First Millennium AD,Susanne Hakenbeck
27: The Contribution of Stable Isotope Analysis to The Study of Childhood Movement and Migration,Katie A. Hemer and Jane A. Evans

Death, Memory, and Meaning
28: Where are the Children? Locating Children in Funerary Space in the Ancient Greek World,Gillian Shepherd
29: Miniature Adults? Children in Ancient Egyptian Iconography,Nicola Harrington
30: Roman Sarcophagi and Children,Janet Huskinson
31: Child Sacrifice in the Ancient Andes,Deborah Blom
32: Miniature Adults? The Representation of Children and Childhood in Medieval Art,Sophie Oosterwijk
33: Children's Burial Grounds (Cillíní) in Ireland: New Insights into an Early Modern Religious Tradition,Colm J. Donnelly and Eileen M. Murphy

Seeing, Presenting, and Interpreting the Archaeology of Childhood
34: Gazing on the Past (and Being Photobombed by Children): Archaeology, The Early Years Of Modern Photography, and the Visible/Invisible Child,Sally Crawford and Katharina Ulmschneider
35: From The Archaeology Of Childhood to Modern Children Visiting Archaeological Museums: An Italian Perspective,Claudia Lambrugo
36: Material Culture, Museums, Movies, and Make Believe: Representing Medieval Childhood,Mark A. Hall
37: Presenting Children from the Distant Past in Museums,Sharon Brookshaw

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