An approach to learning and socialisation in children during the Spanish Bronze Age

Sanchez Romero, M.
2008. Dommasnes, Liv Helga and Wrigglesworth, Melanie (eds) Children, identity and the past. Cambridge Scholars Publishing, Cambridge, pp. 113-124
Publicado el 4/9/11


The potential information provided by learning processes and the socialisation of children during the Bronze Age includes not only ideas regarding the creation of identities and relationships but also insight into spatial and social organisation, subsistence activities and the production of tools. We analyse here the archaeological record of Bronze Age societies in southeast Spain considering, on the one hand, the material culture produced by or for children and on the other, the physical remains of children through the analysis of funerary records.

Palabras clave

infancia, cultura material, socialización, aprendizaje, Edad del Bronce

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