Engendering social dynamics: The archaeology of maintenance activities.

Montón Subias, S. y Sánchez Romero, M. (eds.)
2008. BAR International Series 1862, Oxford
Publicado el 4/9/11
Engendering social dynamics. The archaeology of maintenance activities. An introduction. Paloma González-Marcén, Sandra Montón-Subías, Marina Picazo, and Margarita Sánchez Romero

Sección uno. The archaeology of maintenance activities

Towards an archaeology of maintenance activities Paloma González-Marcén, Sandra Montón-Subías y Marina Picazo

Why has history not appreciated maintenance activities? Almudena Hernando

Thoughts on a method for zooarchaeological study of quotidian life Diane Gifford-González

Sección dos. Maintenance activities and social practices.

The technics of the American Home Francesca Bray

Sun Disks and solar cycles: weaving and the down of solar cosmologies in Post-Classical Mexico Elisabeth Brumfiel 

Nurturing the dead: medieval women as family undertakers Roberta Gilchrist

Maintenance activities in the funerary record. The case of Iberian cemeteries Antonia García y Carmen Risquez

Greek terracota figurines: images and representations of everyday lifeMarina Picazo

Sección tres. Maintenance activities in times of change

Grinding to a Halt: Gender and the Changing Technology of Flour Production in Roman Galilee Carol Meyers

Changing foodways: new strategies in food preparation, serving and consumption in the Bronze Age of the Iberian Peninsula Margarita Sánchez Romero y Gonzalo Aranda

“Spun on a wheel were women’s hearts”. Women between ideology and life in the Nordic past Liv Helga Dommasnes

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