An Ethnographic and Archaeological Approach to Ritual Practices of Resistance

Milesi, Lara y Aranda, Gonzalo
2019. Space and Culture.
Publicado el 17/2/19


Resistance practices could be considered one the most enduring types of social behavior in past societies. Through two case-studies, one ethnographic and the other archaeological, these practices are analyzed to assess how, in two very different social environments, resistance is a key feature for a better understanding of social dynamics. Both cases share three main aspects: (1) the resistance was materialized in the social construction of communal places that created a landscape endowed with memory linking societies to their ancestors, (2) transformations characterized by a growing social complexity accentuating resistance through recurrent and elaborate practices in ritual places, and (3) resistance cannot be seen as a static phenomenon.


Resistance, gathering place, Mapuche, Chile, funerary ritual, Bronze Age, Spain

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