Landscapes of Childhood: Bodies, Places and Material Culture

Sánchez Romero, Margarita
2017. Childhood in the past. An international Journal, pp. 1-22
Publicado el 17/4/17


In the 10 years since it was first published the journal, Childhood in the Past, has been the most obvious indication of the vivacity, relevance and transversality of the studies of childhood. Research into children is increasingly giving way to a considerable number of studies based on different theoretical and methodological positions that use innovative analytical techniques and are generating a hugely important body of knowledge on childhood in the past. In this article, I would like to present a sort of historiography of the research into childhood through the subjects dealt with in the volumes of Childhood in the Past published so far. I will use the three basic elements of human existence and experience: bodies, places and material culture, taking into account the contexts – those spaces transformed into places and landscapes through the actions of children – and the materiality of human behaviour expressed in the objects with which they are related.

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