Wealth and power in the Bronze Age of the South-east of the Iberian Peninsula: The funerary record of Cerro de la Encina

Aranda Jiménez, G. y Molina, F.
2006. Oxford Journal of Archaeology 25 (1): 47-59
Publicado el 5/9/11


As a result of recent fieldwork undertaken at the archaeological
site of Cerro de la Encina, our knowledge of the funerary ritual has increased considerably. The funerary record shows a significant concentration of wealth in burials corresponding to the family groups of the highest social status. Dramatic social differences can also be found in the internal organization of the settlement. The locations of burials within the settlement area, under the floors of dwellings, allow us to establish that the settlement space was closely related to the social identity of the families. The high number of burials with double and triple inhumations, in contrast to other Argaric necropolis, also
stands out as an important feature of Cerro de la Encina, suggesting that familial relationships seem to be more marked here than at other Argaric sites. All these data are discussed in relation to the funerary ritual of the Argaric Culture.

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